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Author: Rose Li

So your job seems to be going nowhere and this current recession has you worried. What are your options?

You could look for yet another position at yet another firm, with the hope that it will be marginally better than the one you have now and that you will actually move up the corporate ladder instead of sideways. Or you could start to build your own business on the side and have something to go to when you are ready.

Becoming self-employed has been the dream of many people for a very long time. After all, when there's millions willing to join the rat race there must be an equally large group who want to leave it behind.

So how do you do that and what field do you choose? Which money making venture you chose depends on what you think you will do well at. There are almost as many different ways of starting your own business as there are people in the world.

Selling things online or through bricks and mortar businesses has often been the way many people choose to make money for themselves. One good product line to select could be the cell phone. In short, start a mobile phone business.

Why start a mobile phone business?

While the world is in recession right now and consumers aren't buying as much as they used to consumer electronics have managed to buck this trend... handset sales will grow by 3% in the US and Europe next year with developing markets like South America, Asia and Africa achieving much stronger growth in wireless cell phone sales.

People still want to keep in touch with each other when times are tough and if you" target="blank" title="start a mobile phone business">start a mobile phone business that is online or through eBay then phones are fairly easy to ship to different countries due to their small size and light weight and cellular phones will not incur the huge duties that some other, higher profile items attract.

How can I sell mobile phones?

You can sell cellular phones any number of ways. By opening up your very own bricks and mortar cell phone store, stocking GSM phones, CDMA phones and cell phone accessories or utilize the classified section in newspapers and magazine.

There are also a number of ways online to start a mobile phone business, including opening your own online cell phone shop, marketing cellular phones through online classified sites like or through online auction sites like eBay and Amazon.

How do I know which cell phones you should sell?

Selecting the unlocked cell phone to stock on your online store when you start a mobile phone business is a difficult job as there is such a wide range of unlocked mobiles available these days.

While I will talk about the different shapes and types of unlocked phone, their various benefits and problems and the types of people who buys each type of mobile in another article it very much depend on the types of people who use your service.

It doesn't matter whether you choose to stock a bar phone, flip phone, clamshell phone, ladies phone, slide cellular phone, flip cell phone or PDA. And you will succeed just as well if you get a movie phone, a music phone or one that lets you watch videos on phone. There are two things to make sure of... that you get phones that will work in the markets that you are selling them to and you buy unlocked cell phones.

All cellular networks around the world work within the frequencies 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz with some networks operating on two or more frequencies. As a result most phones available wholesale operate on two, three or four bands.

Matching the ideal phone band to the market is essential for people who want to start a mobile phone business as it will be the difference between a phone that works and a phone that doesn't. If you have people buying unlocked phones from all over the world you are better selling quad band cell phones as these international phones will give you the coverage you need.

What is the difference between a locked and unlocked phone and why should I buy unlocked cell phones?

A locked cell phone is one that is sold by a particular carrier and cannot be changed to another server unless the carrier themselves do it. For example, if you have an iPhone or a Blackberry, you are an AT&T customer and you want to use Verizon's service then you have to call up AT&T and ask them to switch you to Verizon. Most locked cell phones are CDMA phones.

Unlocked cellphones don't come attached to a carrier so you can select which carrier you use. These are almost always GSM phones as the GSM SIM can be removed from unlocked GSM phones allowing another to be put in.

So why choose to sell unlocked cell phones over locked cell phones? The simple answer is when you start a mobile phone business then you're not going to have much money and you won't want to pay the licensing fee necessary to buy network-approved phones. And with unlocked phones you're able to buy phones wholesale which give you more profit and more freedom to run the business the way you want.

Where can I find cell phones to sell?

Sourcing products is one of the biggest headaches of anybody involved in e-commerce and buying unlocked cell phones is no different.

If you want to find unlocked cell phones you can look in several areas, from a local wholesale company, from a wholesale importer in bulk lots on sites like eBay and overstock or through wholesale dropship companies that stock China cellphones wholesale. As cellphones and most electronics come from China these days this would probably be a logical step. Thankfully many of these wholesale dropship firms are online these days.

It doesn't matter if you want a bluetooth phone, music phone, WAP phone or a flip cell phone you will probably have to look through the same types of sources. How can I get phones from my supplier to my customer?

When you want to start a mobile phone business online then you need to ask yourself one question which supply chain management method will I use, traditional bulk purchasing or dropshipping?

Both methods have their plusses and minuses but as you are unlikely to have little in working capital one good option might be to choose the dropshipping means of fulfillment.

Dropshipping is where you transfer the customer's order directly to your supplier and they fill the order and you use their payment to pay for the phone after first taking off your profit.

While this may seem like an e-commerce retailer's dream come true there are still some problems with this and you will need to source new phones carefully, make sure you have sturdy and active communications lines with your wholesale dropship supplier of China cellphones wholesale phones and have an excellent customer services system set up to make sure you don't get left with unhappy customers.

What should I watch out for when I buy cell phones wholesale and then sell them?

One of the most important things to be sure of is that you have a reliable wholesale cellphone supplier that will fill orders on time with the phones you ordered. It often takes some time to find the right China cellphones wholesale supplier so it might pay to shop around and get several samples before you decide who to give your business to.

It is especially important to get a sample of the phones and test them for yourself for this very reason.

It is also important to make sure that you get the phones with the right frequencies to the right markets.

It doesn't matter if you think you have found the coolest movie phone on the market with the best cell phone camera you have seen and incredible multimedia message functions.

If it is a dual band phone using the frequencies 900MHz and 1800MHz and you are trying to sell it in the US then you are just going to have a whole lot of unhappy customers.

This will end up with you getting many returns and a large number of multimedia phone paperweights on your hands.

This is why tri band phones and quad band phones work best for people who start a mobile phone business online as they are true international phones and will work anywhere.

This is just the start of your journey which may very well lead you to China cellphone wholesale suppliers and dropship wholesale companies. Just be sure to do your home work for as Chinese General once said "the enlightened ruler lays his plans well ahead; the good general cultivates his resources."

Ready to start a mobile phone business? Check out for a fantastic range of phones that will bring in strong sales, healthy returns and happy customers.

About the Author:

Rose Li is the PR Manager for Chinavasion, China's premier dropshipper for wholesale consumer electronics

Article Source: - How to Start a Mobile Phone Business, an Introduction


Author: Dharmendra Chaudhary

Mobiles are no longer a luxury. They are an absolute necessity. A Cell phone is
also a fashion statement. The kind of phone a person carries speaks volumes about the person. The Vodafone 810 is a unique mobile brought to you by the world leader of mobile phone manufacturers. Vodafone has successfully managed to blend looks and usability in its new range of mobile handsets.

The new Vodafone 810 is an ultra stylish new slider phone with a rich metallic silver or black finish. It sports a 2 Mega Pixel camera therefore you can click stunning pictures. You can view the pictures on the phone's 2.2 inch TFT display screen. It has a Micro SD Card slot and a USB cable. You can transfer the music from your computer and store it too.

Apart from being sleek and stylish, the Vodafone 810 also supports the latest 3G technology which enables fast and easy Internet surfing. It also supports features such as Bluetooth, MP3 player, video calling and a video recorder. It also boasts of a 3 hour battery backup and a 300 hour standby time. The Vodafone 810 is fully equipped to give the user a truly unique customer experience.

The Vodafone 810 uses Qualcomm technology making it a very high performance phone at a very reasonable price. The phone is tri-band and can work in countries like UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, much of South America, USA and Canada.

The Vodafone 810 coupled with amazing tariffs from the leaders themselves makes this phone an awesome buy. It is also very light on the pocket both in terms of its weight and its monetary value.

The phone is 98 mm in height, 48 mm in width and 16.5 mm thick. It weighs a mere 110 grams. The Vodafone 810 is truly ideal for those who seek nothing but the best. It is an ideal blend of good looks and features. It has everything that you could expect from a latest mobile phone. This phone is surely the best buy in this segment.

About the Author:

Free iPod Touch and Free Laptop are the popular offers and these mobile phone contracts are available on Mobile Phone Shop UK.

Dharmendra Chaudhary is a Content optimiser for Chums IT Systems PVT LTD.

Article Source: - The Vodafone 810 - Blending Looks With Usability


Nokia E72 review

Author: Brienne

Technical Profile
System: WCDMA 850/1900/2100,WCDMA 900/1900/2100, GSM/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900
User Interface: S60 platform
Size: 114 mm x 58 mm x 10 mm
Weight: 128 g
Standby time: up to 20 days (GSM), up to 24 days (WCDMA)
Time to talk: up to 12,5 jam (GSM), up to 6 hour (WCDMA)
Main Screen: 2.4” QVGA (320×240), up to 16 million colors
Baterry: BP-4L, 1500 mAh, Li-Po
Memory: Memory internal 250 MB, 4GB micro SD up to 16GB microSD memory card


Image capture: 5 megapixels (2592×1944)
Video capture: Video recording VGA quality
Video calls: VGA camera
Data Services & Connectivity
• HSDPA up to 10.2Mbits
• HSUPA up to 2Mbits
• WLAN (IEEE 802.11b/g)
• EGPRS multislot class 32 class A
• High Speed USB
• Bluetooth wireless technology 2.0 with A2DP stereo audio, enhanced data rates (EDR)
• 3.5 mm audio connector

Another Features
•A-GPS with compass and Maps
•Music player, Media player, FM Radio
•Shortcut key(Home, Calendar, Contacts, Email)
•Social networking
•Voice Functions to control handphone without touch it.
•Built-in mobile VPN (Internet Access)
•One touch modem access
•Security protection: HW accelerated data encryption, remote lock and data removing
•Quickoffice 5.3 with Office 2007


When I saw this, I am truly amazed with its physical appearance. And when I have read about its features and specifications, I am truly astonished with this phone. Nokia N97 is a S60 5th Edition mobile computer with a large 3,5“, bright nHD (640 x 360 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio) TFT color display with resistive touch screen and tactile feedback. The device provides excellent user experience for internet and entertainment by combining qwerty keyboard with touch UI and Home screen functionality. Use the N97 to connect to mobile broadband using WLAN or HSDPA (3.5G). Find directions and locations with the integrated A-GPS and included maps. Additional features include game titles with N-Gage, a 5 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash and automatic geotagging of images and videos.


Author: Marc Ilgen

When you first purchase your cellphone, you probably notice that the display background looks pretty standard and not very exciting. At the very least, it would be nice to be able to put a more interesting background image, like a picture of a warm sandy beach or some ski slopes. Or, how about putting a picture of your girlfriend or favorite party shot?

Well, the cellphone world has good news for you: you can do all of this using custom wallpapers. Custom wallpapers are simply small image files that you download onto your cellphone, and then you configure your cellphone to display the image as a background to your cellphone display. The content of these wallpaper images is limited only by your imagination. You can put images that are very personal to you, like pictures of your friends or family, or you can put images that show off your tastes in music, movies, movie stars, favorite places, etc. basically, if it can be placed into an image the size of your cellphone display, then it can be loaded as a wallpaper into your phone.

So what format are the images? Well, this depends on the type of phone you have. And it should be stated that not every cellphone will support custom wallpapers, so check with your internet service provider to see what sort of wallpapers your phone supports.

Once you discover what type of wallpapers your phone can download, you will need to know how to get the wallpapers onto your phone. Some phones will allow you to put your very own digital pictures onto your phone via a data cable. Again, contact your cellular service provider to see if this is possible with your cellphone.

But most of the time, it is a much easier option to download wallpapers from a large ringtone and wallpaper service. It is possible to buy individual wallpapers for anywhere between $1 and $3 each. But if you look around on the web, you can find some services that give you some free wallpapers to start with. You can also find some services that allow you to upload your own images through your web browser, and the service will convert the image into a wallpaper for your phone.

But eventually, if you want to get a continuous supply of wallpapers, you will need to pay to get access. For a small monthly fee you can download lots of wallpapers (and ringtones) to your cellphone. That way you can change your backgrounds to keep your phone fresh and to continually express your individuality to the outside world.

About the Author:

Marc Ilgen is a cellphone software publisher and developer and an expert in cellphone entertainment. His website provides information on a terrific download program for ringtones.

Article Source: - Personalize Your Cellphone With Custom Wallpapers


Apple iPhone My Dream Phone

Author: Brienne

Apple iPhone was really my dream phone. From the very first time iPhone released by Apple and until now, it is still my dream phone. Why I dream to have an iPhone? Just simply because in iPhone you got 3 devices in one, a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod and a breakthrough internet device. Apple first release their 2G version of iPhone, next is the iPhone 3G, and now their latest release was the iPhone 3GS, which is very much faster and most powerful iPhone made by Apple. Some features of the new iPhone 3GS is 3-megapixel autofocus camera, Video recording,Voice Control,Digital compass,Cut, Copy & Paste,MMS23,Spotlight Search
,Landscape keyboard,Voice Memos. The official distributor of Apple iPhone here in the Philippines is Globe, the price of the new iPhone 3GS here is quite high, it cost about 38,000 pesos. So i think I have to work more harder so that I can earn more money, to get my hands on my very first iPhone. I hope that this Christmas I can give my self an iPhone 3GS as a gift. By the way you can see the complete plans offered by Globe Telecoms for the Apple iPhone here


About SMS Messaging

Author: Brienne

SMS messaging or the short message service messaging is a very popular mobile interaction method these days.

Due to its low cost nature this service is highly popular among the teenagers these days.

First you have to know some important facts and trivia about the SMS messaging service. Basically the idea of SMS messaging was come in the early 1980s. But this service was come to an effect in 1985 for and to GSM mobile handsets only. After that it became available for each and every telecom technology like CDMA, AMPS, Satellite phones and even Landlines too. Surprisingly, some online messengers are also providing the messenger to mobile and mobile to messenger SMS facilities. Basically SMS is a short message of at most 160 characters, which can be written by using mobile keypads in general. It can be sent from a mobile to another mobile. To overcome the limitation of the 160 character limit the Long message service is also there. Long Message service is nothing but the collection of some SMSs. Basically a Long Message of more than 160 character uses to divide itself in some 160 character SMS. Then each and every 160-character phrase sent one by one to the receiver’s mobile phone. Generally all the digital mobile phones do have the feature of short message service option.

Due to the improvement of SMS some monophonic ring tones can also be sent through SMS using some special format. Later the scope of SMS was increased and the technology enables the man to send likes of pictures and video clips using GPRS system from one mobile set to another. But this service is named Multimedia Messaging Service or simply the MMS. But now it is possible to do something like MMS through SMS. The SMS can be sent in special text formatting in likes of bold and italics. Also some icons, animations, sound effects, pictures, and special ring tones can be sent through SMS these days. This type of Short Messaging Service is known as Enhanced Messaging Service or simply the EMS. According to the researchers this EMS service is the intermediate stage between the SMS system and the MMS system. But this EMS system seems to grab some rapid popularity!

Now, the following statistics about the Short Message Service seems to be really interesting. In 1995, the initial stages of SMS, each and every customer used to send a SMS once in every two and half month. Again, in early 2000s each and every customer was sending some 30 to 40 SMS in every month. Again some 9 Million SMS were sent among the mobile users in the very first day of 2007 that’s too only in UK!

Short Message Service is too much successful due its low cost nature. Again you need not to reply at that instant when you receive the SMS. These are the some of the facts that makes the SMS really popular.

Some literature minded people do believe that the short nature of words will kill the art of literature some day. But to people, interaction is more important than the literature. So here is the high possibility the progress of the SMS system will continue.

Source: Free Articles


Author: Doug Smith

When you compare the mobile phone market in Japan with the market in the USA and other regions of the world, it's easy to see some stark differences. In some places in America, people still use analog and TDMA cellular phones. Just a while ago custom ringtones came into the market, while they have been huge in Europe for many years.

The cellular technology in Japan, however, is on a much higher level than other parts of the world. Cellphones are more common there, too. Mobile phones play an integral role in daily life in Japan, almost everyone has one. The cellphone business in Japan is booming. The latest model can be had for about ¥ 60,000, which is roughly about $300 USD. Older, workable but less desirable cellphone models can be had in Japan for dirt cheap - less than $10 USD.

The Japanese cellphone service market is largely controlled by 3 central providers. Vodafone and 'J-Phone', NTT and 'DoMoCo', and KDDI and 'AU'. All phones in Japan operate on a unique frequency, which is a fusion of CDMA as well as other frequencies. Phones coming in from outside of Japan aren't capatible with the frequency Japan operates on. Because of this, most phones sold inside of Japan don't work outside of Japan, either. You'll have to purchase a cellphone if you are traveling in Japan and want to keep in contact.

There's a wide variety of different cell phone manufacturers that offer mobiles capitable with Japanese service providers. You're probably familiar with Sony Ericcsoon, Kyocera, Sanyo, and even companies like Casio and Kenwood. Oddly enough, you won't find cellphones from large cellphone manufacturing companies, like Nokia. Still, you'll be able to find many other top quality models that will surely meet your satisfaction.

Mobile phones in Japan come with great technology, including built-in cameras, high resolution displays, GPS devices, and more. You can play mobile phone games online on your mobile phone, and for even greater enjoyment you can even purchase joystick attachments to hook up to your phone. Clearly, phones in Japan have come leaps and bounds over cellphones in other areas. Will the rest of the world ever catch up?

About the Author:

Written by Doug Smith. Find more information on the latest Japanese Mobile Phones and chat about them in the Japanese Mobile Phone Forum.

Article Source: - Japanese Mobile Phones are Highly Advanced


Author: Mike Chow

Originally designed for keeping in touch, today's cellphones are nifty feature rich communication devices that not only come equipped with an incredible array of functions to increase your productivity and entertainment experiences but also with the ability to save your life. Hence, in this article we examine ways in which the modern cellphone can be used as a survival tool.

Bullet Protection

The metal casing found in today's cellphones is not only great for keeping away scratches, but can also be used to deflect bullets. Take the case of Darren Prior, a jewelry attendant who credited his cellphone for saving his life during a botched robbery.

Flash Light

The bright display screen found in today's cellphones not only makes it easy to use the device in the dark but also allows the cellphone to be used as a portable torch, like in the case of the two stranded hikers who had used their cellphone display screens as glow sticks to direct rescue helicopters to their location.

Personal Surveillance System

Many cellphones now come equipped with a camera which are not only good for snapping personal pictures but can also be used as a personal surveillance device to help protect you from unforeseen incidents, such as a pervert on the subway, a robbery suspect and a would be kidnapper.

Silent Alarm

Apart from keeping in touch, the text messaging ability is a great feature that is not only simple to use but also discrete. This is especially useful if you need to send out a silent alarm, like in the case of a kidnapped boy who secretly text messaged his parents.

Location Finder

Many new cellphones come with a built in GPS. Not only does this technology allow parents to spy on their kids but can also be used a GPS system to find your exact location. Like in the case of the standard couple whose cellphone GPS capabilities enabled Emergency 911 operators to relay their location to on ground rescuers.

About the Author:

Cellphone Review

Article Source: - Cellphones Can Save Your Life


Author: Randy Harold

Cellphones, for all practical purposes, have become a necessity in the modern world. Not only are they used as a communication device, they are now increasingly seen as a personal computer system with functionalities that were previously associated with the bulky desktop. Powerful as they may be, modern cellphones are limited by the fact that they rely on the batteries which do not hold a large amount of charge. Thus, in this article we will examine ways in which cellphone users can extend their cellphone's battery life.

Turn Off The Vibrate Feature

One of the best techniques to increasing the battery life of a cellphone is by turning off the vibration mode ringer option. This is one most energy draining feature found in today's cellphone, the energy required for turning the tiny motor which causes the phone to vibrate is almost double to that required for the same phone to ring.

Turn Off Back Light

Most people generally use their cellphones in areas with sufficient background light, hence in these places there is no real need to have the back light on. However, if you do require to use the back light then its best to keep your back light time out to no more than 3 seconds.

Use Cellphone Just For Talking

If you want to conserve your battery then its best to use the cellphone for what it was initially intended for and nothing else. This means that you should avoid playing games, using the built in camera feature, listening to music, instant messaging or surfing the web. Battery use is directly related to cpu use, so the more tasks you do with your cellphone the faster your battery will drain.

Reduce Volume Level

Another way to increase your cellphones batteries is by lowering down the volume for the ring tone and by turning of unnecessary sounds such as the button pressing clicks and key tones.

Turn Off Your Cellphone When Necessary

It is pointless to keep your cellphones on in situations that you know you will not be able to get a signal at such as on a plane, subway or in a library. Scared of missing a call, don't. Many cellphone providers already have a system in place that would avoid you from missing a call. In this system, if a caller is not able to reach you then they are automatically forwarded to your voice mailbox where they can leave a voice mail for you to review later on.

Take Care Of Your Cellphones Battery

Battery are not very resistant to temperature changes, hence its vital you store your cellphone batteries in a place that is at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. If possible try to fully charge your batteries nightly at minimal once every three days. Over time the terminals on the battery may become oxidized, depending on the severity you may just need to clean the terminals with alcohol or need throw the battery altogether.

Over time cellphone batteries do begin to lose their charge capacity. This is due the general wear and tear and is to be expected. On average you can expect a modern cellphone battery to last for a couple of years before needing replacement.

About the Author:

Randy Harold Cellphone Talk

Article Source: - Tips On Improving Your Cellphone Battery Life


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